Miniature Monday

One of the features I will blog about are Miniatures.

For many, miniatures add to their immersion in the game as they can see how their characters are moving through the story and interacting with the world more clearly. Others prefer theatre of the mind, where each person imagines the world together with very little in the way of props -- sometimes just quick scribbles on paper or a whiteboard.

I enjoy working both with miniatures and theatre-of the mind, and find a mix of the two can keep a story moving and engaging when necessary, or bring the detail into focus for an important conflict.

I am extremely happy that I managed to win 4 boxes of Pathfinder Battles miniatures donated by Craving For a Game, during the recent ChariD&D event which raised money for the Adoptive Families Association of BC.

I will be sure to use these figures in an upcoming game. My kids are already enjoying them. How do you like to use miniatures in your game?

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