Leveraging the Lore of 'Dungeons & Dragons' to Motivate Students to Read and Write

Taken from KQED News' Mind/Shift article on Dungeons & Dragons:

Some parents and teachers despair as they witness the erosion of sustained reading, particularly fiction, with today’s screen-obsessed youth. Whether this genuinely heralds an intellectual Armageddon, or merely marks a benign transition into a new phase of the life of the mind, remains to be seen. Whatever the future holds, those who wage a pitched battle under the standard of literacy may find a valuable ally in an old nemesis.

Dungeons & Dragons is a gateway drug to reading,” said York University professor Ian Slater, who runs Dungeons & Dragons campaigns for schools and events. “Children who do not read regularly or read for pleasure will start reading the gaming books almost as soon as they sit down, and they carry that outside of the game.”

(See more from this article in the link below)

Roman's students learning how to play. (New Jersey Education Assocation)


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