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Dungeons And Dragons Can Help Treat Depression, Anxiety, And More

Taken from the Bell of Lost Souls article by J.R. Zambrano

Learn how Dungeons and Dragons can help players cast a real-life healing spell, helping patients with mental health needs, anxiety, and more. Watch as a panel of doctors and experts take you through D&D’s real-world healing potential.

RPGs will probably save the world, when all is said and done. Seriously though, pick a charitable cause, and you can probably find a roleplaying game that benefits it in some way. Nevermind the way roleplaying games have been empowering women and minorities in a push for better representation. Now today we’re here to talk about some of the tangible therapeutic and mental health benefits that can come from D&D–which may as well stand for Dungeons and Doctors. Come join Todd Kenreck of D&D Beyond as he talks with a panel of professionals who use D&D for therapy, among other things, and learn how games are making our world better.

Read full article and watch the video in the link below:

Source: https://www.belloflostsouls.net/2018/12/dungeons-and-dragons-can-help-treat-depression-anxiety-and-more.html