An Awesome CharD&D!

I had a very excellent time volunteering as a Dungeon Master for the Adoptive Families Association of BC's ChariD&D event this weekend. They ended up raising almost $1500, which was over the goal they set. Let's hope it becomes an annual event!

It was nice to see some familiar faces as well as meet my 5 players who delved into the Lost Tomb.

I enjoyed the debates between Ysgrim the Dwarven Cleric and Daerys the Elven Wizard. Spenarius shone as a swashbuckling Rogue with a heart of gold. Lamorak was the backbone of the party as a greatsword wielding Fighter. Just don't burn his coffee. Finius the Monk always had an ingenious way of engaging the environment, with a highlight being when burst out from the ribcage of a massive skeleton!

Thanks for the game and a chance to support an important charity.

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