8 Reasons We Need Kids Playing RPGs

Article Taken from GeekDad.com, written by James Floyd Kelly

This site being GeekDad.com, we typically write about geek-related things for adult males with children (most of our staff are dads), but RPGs are for moms… and grandparents… and teachers… you get the idea. RPGs can be enjoyed by everyone. And that also means… kids. If you’re a parent or legal guardian or after-school club leader or whatever… and you’ve never played an RPG, let alone played one with kids, let me offer you some thoughts on why you might want to gather these young players around a table and get them playing.

1. RPGs build reading, writing, and public speaking skills

2. RPGs build social skills and teamwork skills

3. RPGs use the creativity “muscle”

4. RPGs allow bad decisions without real risks

5. RPGs increase focus and concentration

6. RPGs offers kids a chance to safely express empathy and mercy

7. RPGs offers kids a chance to be strong and brave

8. RPGs offer control at a time when kids normally don’t have it

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