Phil started his role playing adventures at the age of 10 when a friend's older brother introduced him to the Basic D&D boxed set.  Thanks Dave and Steve!


Since then he has run and played most editions of Dungeons & Dragons as well as other systems such as HeroQuest, World of Darkness, Cyberpunk, Star Wars, Pathfinder, and Fiasco. 

He currently runs D&D games at stores and special events, plays in a weekly Pathfinder game, makes digital maps for a successful kickstarter RPG (hi Andrew), and is developing his own campaign world and game system for eventual consumption by the masses...

...followed by world domination and unicorns for everyone!

Aside from being a major geek and a dad to two geeks-in-training, Phil has a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care and a Bachelor of Education.   


His employment includes: Boys and Girls Clubs, Arts Umbrella, Learning Through the Arts, Artist in Residencies, Self-Employed Artist and Freelancer, and his current job as a Student Support Work for children with special needs in classrooms ranging from grade K to 12.  He has helped plan and run special events and workshops for all ages from kids to seniors.


With this powerful concoction of experience, vision, creativity, community connectedness, and geek fu -- he is ready to craft a tale of epic awesome-sauce for you and those you deem worthy to fight by your side.  For glory!

Philip Stephen: Game Master for Mythic Parties

Silly costume optional.

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